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Choosing the Right Linen for Your Home this Summer

Happy summer, everybody!

We hope you’re having a blast outside in the sun and an equally lovely time inside your home. Have you started any summer home project? If you haven’t and you’re thinking of the right project, consider upgrading your linens with, well, natural linen!

white bedroom in summer

In a previous post, we shared why linen makes a perfect summer addition to any home. In this post, we’ll share some tips to help you choose and style your home this summer with the right linen fabric.

Guide to Styling with Natural Linen in the Summer

From choosing the right colors to finding the right items, we hope this guide will be helpful for you.

Choose light color for your main linen bedding

Create a light and cool environment in your room by going for light colors. You can’t go wrong with white and the clean and fresh vibe that it gives, but you can also add a dash of light pastel shade for a summery, airy vibe.

beach-themed linen beddings

Style with bold colors

While your foundation linen—beddings and blankets—are better off lighter in shade, you can still spice up your space with some bold and bright colors. For instance, you can opt for a colorful sofa slipcover. The relaxed look of slipcovers pairs well with darker and stronger colors, especially in a space such as a living room where traffic may be heavier compared to other spaces.

colorful throw pillows

If you’re not into complete linen sets, start with small items

If you have organic cotton linens that are a favorite in your home but would like to see how natural linen can transform your space, you can try and test with some smaller items such as a throw pillow cover or a cushion cover. This is a great way to add contrast and texture to a space, and also a great way to get yourself acquainted with natural linen. For sure, it won’t be long before you start to love this organic fabric!

living room in summer

Think outside the bedroom

Most homeowners turn to the bedroom when it comes to linen styling, but there are actually different ways you can style with linen in your home. From organic sofa covers to cushion cases and table napkins and runners, natural linen is great for giving any space character—from the bedroom to the living room and the dining room. All you need is your imagination!

Ready for a summer home makeover with natural linen? Start shopping for the right linen items!