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Small Space Decorating with Linen: Here’s a Sure Tip!

Not all of us have the privilege of a big space at home. But while small spaces might appear to be at a disadvantage when it comes to decorating, there’s still a way to make a small space look more spacious and—even more importantly—cozy and tidy. You’ll find a wide array of tips for making a small space appear bigger when you browse online. In this post, we’ll focus on one technique that’s tried and tested when it comes to small space decorating—focusing on natural linen. Decorating with Linen: It’s All About the Visuals In truth, much of a space is perception. People who perceive a space as small will feel limited in how much they can enjoy the said...

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Choosing the Right Linen for Your Home this Summer

Happy summer, everybody! We hope you’re having a blast outside in the sun and an equally lovely time inside your home. Have you started any summer home project? If you haven’t and you’re thinking of the right project, consider upgrading your linens with, well, natural linen! In a previous post, we shared why linen makes a perfect summer addition to any home. In this post, we’ll share some tips to help you choose and style your home this summer with the right linen fabric. Guide to Styling with Natural Linen in the Summer From choosing the right colors to finding the right items, we hope this guide will be helpful for you. Choose light color for your main linen bedding...

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How to Remove Stain on Linen

So you’re having a calm and chill Sunday morning enjoying your breakfast in bed. Some waffles, a cup of coffee... When—yikes! Your coffee just spilled on your new linen blanket or bedding. Stains are some of the most stubborn stuff to remove on fabric, and this can be even tougher when the fabric is linen. Bleach is not always advisable. And depending on the age of stain, you might need to approach the stain differently. In this article, we’ll share some tips in removing stains on linen. Tips for Linen Stain Removal Stain on your linen doesn’t mean it's time to retire the linen. There are some things you can do to remove the stain and bring your linen back...

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Natural Linen Beddings for Summer—Here’s Why They’re Perfect for the Season

Ah, summer. A time for fun in the sun, vacations, and spending time with family and friends. It’s also the perfect time to update your bed so you can be more comfortable during the hotter months. What’s better than lying down in a freshly made bed with cool, crisp sheets on a hot summer day? While cotton sheets are always a common choice, linen bedding is becoming an increasingly popular option. Why? Check out these five reasons why linen beddings are a perfect choice this summer: Linen is lightweight, easy to move around, and breathable. As the weather starts to heat up, you’d want something that will help you stay fresh and comfortable in bed. Natural linen beddings are an...

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How to Style with Linen in a Minimalist Home

Minimalist homes have been rising to popularity in recent years, not only because they are less costly and less tasking to maintain but also because they offer a sense of calm that can be difficult to find in other spaces. We all need a charge of energy to face our day. However, at the end of long and busy hours at work or outside taking care of our daily tasks, many of us simply want to go back to a quiet and warm home where we can relax and rest, and this is exactly what a minimalist home offers—a tone down, less stimulating space to calm the senses. Maintaining a minimalist home can be tricky, and it has to have...

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