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Linen Care Guide for Every Homeowner

So you have finally decided to invest in a beautiful set of linen bedding for your home—we are happy for you! You are on your way to improving not only the aesthetics of your home but also the quality of your life, from your sleeping to the atmosphere you create inside your abode. If you’re like many homeowners who decided to shift to linen as a healthier fabric, one of your initial concerns is likely linen care and maintenance. There is a misconception that linen is a high-maintenance fabric and might need specialist care. The truth is that like any fabric, linen needs proper TLC, but it doesn’t require too much time or effort to keep in good shape. And...

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Linen Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Now that Mother’s Day is just a few days away, we’re getting more and more ecstatic about this special day. And why not, we’re excited about the gift options we have—linen! We have a special affinity for linen because of its quality, its beauty, as well as the love and care each piece of linen embodies for our planet. And now that it's Mother’s Day, we can’t wait to see more and more linen products reach every mom and every home. If you’re still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, you’ll be glad to know there are different linen items you can choose from for the special woman in your home. Check these out: For the Bedroom: Beddings, Throw...

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We’re 2 to 3 weeks away from Mother’s Day, and we’d like to be ready, don’t we? If you’re starting to think about what to get for a special woman in your life on her special day, it’s time to start browsing shops and looking around to find the perfect gift. We’ve created this guide to share some ideas on what to get for your mom or wife on Mother’s Day. The Classic Gifts: Flowers, Chocolates, and Jewelry These gifts never fail to please because they tell women that they are loved, remembered, and cared for. The secret is in knowing your mom or your wife—the blooms she loves, her favorite chocolate, or what she likes in jewelry. The Gift...

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Practical Luxury: What Makes Natural Linen the Right Choice for Your Home

Fast fashion appears to be dominating almost every industry these days, from clothing to beddings. However, despite its growing popularity, fast fashion fails to totally eliminate certain materials in the market—a proof that good quality almost always prevails. Such is the case for natural linen. Despite linen being more expensive, even more tasking to maintain, it continues to be a favorite among many homeowners because of its quality, longevity, and its sustainability as a material. A Premium Material Linen is a timeless fabric, having been used as far back as 10,000 years ago. It was first weaved by Babylonians, and it occupied a special part in the early Egyptian society, used for wrapping mummies to preserve them. Turning flax fibers...

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Your Beddings Can Be Harming Your Health: Here’s Why Natural Linen is a Better Alternative

Everywhere you go and whatever you are doing, you are surrounded by fabric—from your bedding to your clothing. That goes to show just how important it is to choose fabrics that are not only comfortable but, more importantly, safe to your health. This is also what makes natural linen a preferred choice of mindful homeowners. A Closer Look at What You Will Find in Some Fabrics Chemical—this is the danger you will find in most fabrics in the market today. Fabrics are made from different parts of plants, and many of the plants these days are sprayed with fertilizers to keep insects away and protect the plants from damage. No matter how fabrics are processed, it is likely that some...

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