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Linen Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Now that Mother’s Day is just a few days away, we’re getting more and more ecstatic about this special day. And why not, we’re excited about the gift options we have—linen!


We have a special affinity for linen because of its quality, its beauty, as well as the love and care each piece of linen embodies for our planet. And now that it's Mother’s Day, we can’t wait to see more and more linen products reach every mom and every home.

If you’re still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, you’ll be glad to know there are different linen items you can choose from for the special woman in your home. Check these out:

linen bedding

For the Bedroom: Beddings, Throw Blankets, and Cushion Covers

Give your mom or your wife the gift of good quality of sleep with linen garments for your bed. Not only is linen comfortable and soft (and it gets even softer over time), but it is also more health friendly. Unlike most commercial beddings, blankets, and covers, linen is a natural fabric with fewer chemicals used in its processing. It is especially perfect for moms with allergies. And, its durability makes it a gift that will last for years.

linen sofa cover

For the Living Room: Sofa Covers

Moms take pride in the home they create, and you can help her create a warm and inviting space by gifting her with soft and stylish slipcovers for your sofa. These will enliven your living room and make it a good space for creating happy memories with the people you most love. This is a gift your mom will definitely appreciate.

linen dress

For Her to Wear: Linen Clothing

Gift her with a piece as timeless as she is. Linen designer clothing comes in a wide variety of styles, and it has a quality that your mom will surely love. For the stylish mom, you can find dresses, tops, and scarves that will surely delight her. For the mom who loves to cook, a linen apron makes for a thoughtful gift. Your options are endless! 

Gift quality. Gift style. Find the right linen gift for the special woman in your life this Mother’s Day. Start your search here—we have a great collection of natural linen beddings, covers, and throw blankets. Shop now and avoid the rush!