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Practical Luxury: What Makes Natural Linen the Right Choice for Your Home

Fast fashion appears to be dominating almost every industry these days, from clothing to beddings. However, despite its growing popularity, fast fashion fails to totally eliminate certain materials in the market—a proof that good quality almost always prevails.

Such is the case for natural linen. Despite linen being more expensive, even more tasking to maintain, it continues to be a favorite among many homeowners because of its quality, longevity, and its sustainability as a material.

natural linen bedding

A Premium Material

Linen is a timeless fabric, having been used as far back as 10,000 years ago. It was first weaved by Babylonians, and it occupied a special part in the early Egyptian society, used for wrapping mummies to preserve them.

Turning flax fibers into linen garment is a tedious and time-consuming process, one that greatly contributes to the fabric’s limited availability. However, the many benefits of flax and linen easily make up for this:

  • Flax plant is a highly useful plant. Each part of the plant can be put to good use, and nothing is wasted.
  • Planting flax improves soil quality (contrary to other plants, which diminishes the quality of the soil).
  • Growing the plant also requires much less water and resources, so it’s basically a low maintenance plant.
  • The fiber from flax is so strong that linen is known to last for decades, making linen timeless, high quality, and a preferred choice for clothing and beddings.


A Practical Home Addition

Natural linen is used in many home accessories and elements, from the bedroom to the living room.

In your bedroom, you can give your bed a timeless atmosphere by replacing your beddings and pillow cases with linen. Apart from its classic look, linen is a soft fabric that gets even softer with use and washing. Its breathability and anti-bacterial property also make it a good sleep companion, promising comfort and care.

In your living or dining room, linen covers can add a crisp and structured touch to the space, giving it an elegant and classic look. The fabric is also easy to dye, so you will find linen in a wide variety of colors. It’s easy to find one that will complement your space while enhancing its overall feel and quality.

linen tablecloth

Fast fashion may be the popular choice these days, but the quality, premium luxury, and the practicality of natural linen guarantee that it will remain a choice fabric for years and decades to come.