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Your Beddings Can Be Harming Your Health: Here’s Why Natural Linen is a Better Alternative

Everywhere you go and whatever you are doing, you are surrounded by fabric—from your bedding to your clothing. That goes to show just how important it is to choose fabrics that are not only comfortable but, more importantly, safe to your health. This is also what makes natural linen a preferred choice of mindful homeowners.


A Closer Look at What You Will Find in Some Fabrics

Chemical—this is the danger you will find in most fabrics in the market today. Fabrics are made from different parts of plants, and many of the plants these days are sprayed with fertilizers to keep insects away and protect the plants from damage.

No matter how fabrics are processed, it is likely that some remnants of the fertilizers used in the plants will remain and cling to them.


Fabric treatment is another process that usually exposes fabrics to more chemicals. Most fabrics are dyed to give them colors. Or, they are bleached to make them really white. When you bring these fabrics into your home, you might also be bringing in loads of chemicals that can cause allergies and other health problems.

What Makes Natural Linen a Better Choice?


Linen is often associated with ethical fashion, and for good reason. And whether it’s beddings or clothing, linen stands out as a healthy and sustainable choice.

The primary reason behind this is that it has fewer to no chemicals and is therefore safer to use. Flax plant is where linen comes from, specifically from the bark of the plant. And, plant barks are not sprayed with chemicals. In addition to this, flax is not eaten by insects, so there is no need to use insecticides on the plants unlike with other fabric sources.

When it comes to fabric processing, individual choice comes into play. Some fabrics are dyed to give them colors, while others are bleached to make them whiter. However, there are linen companies that adhere to no-chemical processing, and these are certified by governing bodies for their toxin-free production.

When getting your linen beddings, look for providers who adhere to ethical practices in crafting natural linen products to make sure that you are not bringing harmful chemicals and elements inside your home.