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How to Style with Linen in a Minimalist Home

Minimalist homes have been rising to popularity in recent years, not only because they are less costly and less tasking to maintain but also because they offer a sense of calm that can be difficult to find in other spaces.

minimalist space

We all need a charge of energy to face our day. However, at the end of long and busy hours at work or outside taking care of our daily tasks, many of us simply want to go back to a quiet and warm home where we can relax and rest, and this is exactly what a minimalist home offers—a tone down, less stimulating space to calm the senses.

Maintaining a minimalist home can be tricky, and it has to have the right elements to create the perfect atmosphere. One element that is perfect for any minimalist space is natural linen. It’s a practical addition to any home that can help you create a warm and inviting space. So how do you use linen to style your home?

white bedroom

Go for natural linen with light colors

A basic rule to creating a minimalist space is to stick to neutral colors, from your wall paint to your furnishings and accessories. This, coupled with natural lighting, can give your space a sense of calm and warmth.

Light-colored linen will perfectly accentuate the clean but cozy space you want to create, but remember that light doesn’t necessarily mean white—it can be different shades of white, gray, or other neutral colors.

sofa with throw pillows

Accentuate your space with cozy pillows wrapped in linen cases and layers of linen blankets

One secret to giving your space its own character is to play with textures by choosing the right add-ons.

Go for personal and cozy. Break the clean lines with texture and create the right contrast. Using pillows and sofa slipcovers is one of the best ways to do this. Pair these with rugs and blankets to give your space a more homey feel.

red linen table napkin

Use linen when setting your table

Give your table a soft and elegant feel with linen. You can spruce up your table by using linen tablecloth and napkins, both decorative and practical items.

So far, we’ve talked about keeping it clean and neutral when decorating a minimalist home, and you can follow the same when it comes to your table. However, linen table napkins is one way you can be bold and add some spice of colors to your space without overdoing it.

Are you looking to create your own minimalist space? Consider adding linen to give your home a soft and cozy look. From your bedroom to your dining room, there’s always a place for linen.